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Hybrid-cloud data mobility

Powerful & Efficient Data Movement Solutions

They enable all possible paths for moving data in the file storage, private cloud, and public cloud, across any distance.

With its unique multi-level parallelism for storage, computing, and networking, Zettar zx efficiently moves massive amounts of unstructured data anywhere, on prem, in the cloud, or hybrid. Unlock simplicity, cost-savings, and high-performance at scale. Its
differential transfer boosts operational efficiencies with incremental replication, fast file scans, and rapid convergence.

Zettar zx enables you to deliver and distribute data of any size at maximum speed that the infrastructure between any two sites in the world allows. The solution can be deployed either on premises in data centers or in the cloud to provide unlimited on-demand scale out.

Using a hybrid cloud effectively, not only applications must become mobile, data mobility becomes essential – applications must be fed with data, which is likely from another location. Zettar zx enables transparent data movements between file and cloud storage, in any combinations of such storage services & locations. This level of data movement freedom makes the use of a hybrid cloud truly fruitful.

The Zettar zx’s support of both file and cloud storage makes migrating data, likely stored in a bucket in a proprietary format used by a third party in-cloud storage service application to another in the native format – escaping from any vendor “lock-in” quickly and easily. This solution can also help with workload balancing.

Modern data-intensive enterprises often have object storage for capacity and file storage for performance. Tiering data between the two storage types while keeping tiered data still accessible to all applications using object storage is becoming imperative. Zettar zx moves data between file and object storage with full transparency.

From collecting the fleet in-vehicle data to moving the collected data to data centers or clouds, zx’s versatile and efficient bulk/streaming data transport can cover all the cases. Its scale-out architecture is future-proof to the fast data growth of this industry.

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