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Our solutions are designed with cloud in mind right from the beginning. Use the cloud, including private cloud and hybrid cloud efficiently and economically. They work with compute and storage clouds, on-prem, hybrid, and public.

API-enabled Automation

The unique peer-to-peer architecture enables a dramatically simple RESTful API-enabled approach. Each zx instance has a built-in Web server and any zx instance in a cluster can be the management entry point - operating a cluster made easy.

Data Mobility at Performance

We enable moving data transparently at scale and speed between file and cloud storage, on prem, private, hybrid, and public. All are covered. Movements are always carried out at the maximum performance possible. Workflows are accelerated, always.

All in One

Zettar has all four products, zx-File, zx-Object, zx-Single-Site-Mode, and zx-Append-Streaming integrated into one, namely zx. The seamless product integration simplifies deployment and operation, provides consistent usage, and boosts efficiency. Note that the functionality of the last three high-value, logically separated products must be enabled with appropriate licenses.


zx-File is the foundational product, carrying out bulk transfer of files or objects (if coupled with zx_Object at both ends) over digital connections of any speed across any distance. It is the world’s only commercial data mover that has transferred actual 1PB production-like data, storage-to-storage, over 5000 miles in 29 hours with a 94% average bandwidth utilization (under an 80Gbps bandwidth cap) with full TLS encryption and checksumming.  The record remains unbroken.

zx-Object supports AWS S3 object storage and true compatibles. Working with either zx-SSM or zx-File, the trio can move data among file and object storage services in numerous combinations with ease, over digital connections of any speed across any distance.  It supports the advanced AWS S3 multipart REST APIs with high concurrency resulting in both very high reading and writing performance. 

The unique zx single-site mode (aka zx-SSM) can be regarded in a way as a scale-out capable, much more efficient rsync. It handles all types of “local” data moving needs from within a single host to within a cluster.  Furthermore, it also works in conjunction with zx-Object to interact with AWS S3 or compatibles directly within metropolitan distance.

Unlike other software data movers which can only handle the bulk transfer, i.e. dealing with already stored, existing, and unchanging data, zx-AS can stream at very high speed (e.g. 800 Gbps) live, fast-growing data, such as data generated by high-output instruments.  With this capability, zx-AS also enables researchers to come up with new algorithms without the constraints of waiting for data to be fully in place.


zx is the only unified and the most modern scale-out petascale-proven data mover software available in the market.  It has a peer-to-peer enabled scale-out architecture. The software’s simplicity, robustness, capabilities, and efficiency are proven with production deployments at tier-1 organizations, many world records, and winning the Olympic-level international competition – the two-month-long, grueling Supercomputing Asia 2019 Data Mover Challenge, with the record unbroken so far.  zx is symmetric, like rsync – all Zettar products that zx integrates can send and receive, even at the same time. Thus, at each endpoint, there is no need to install clients and servers.  Furthermore, zx supports data access software multitenancy – each instance of zx or a cluster of zx instances can support multiple users, and each has an exclusive data area for reading and writing. Complete visibility of a task is only available to the owning user.  Finally, zx is the world’s only data mover that can tackle by itself both bulk transfer and append-streaming. Both the typical broadcast (aka fan) pattern and the bandwidth-efficient chain pattern are supported.  The latter is accomplished with a unique transfer task-forwarding technology.

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Simple to Use

Once setup and configured, to users of zx, either via its built-in Web UI or its RESTful APIs, the effort is much less than using typical CLI data mover tools or other competing products owing to zx’s unique peer-to-peer enabled scale-out architecture and its seamless product integration. It transparently supports both file and object storage in a simple, consistent, and efficient manner. Please Request a demo and see for yourself how easy it is to use zx. Our live demos show both the intuitive built-in Web UI and API powered automation.

Peer-to-Peer Enabled Scale-Out

zx is one of the only three scale-out data mover software applications (the most modern one) that have been funded by the U.S. DOE Office of Science. Owing to its unique peer-to-peer architecture, running a cluster is as simple as running a single instance - the multiple zx instances are self-organizing and self-healing. Rich run-time statistics and connection graphs are all included. The architecture also provides the highly desirable linear scalability.

Highly Efficient

With zx's seamless product integration, assuming sufficient storage throughput available, a decent CPU model, fully populated CPU memory channels, enough available network bandwidth, and normal file/object sizes, a single data transfer node running zx can comfortably push/pull 70+Gbps or beyond. If two nodes are employed at each end, such a set up not only has the potential to go beyond 100 Gbps but also provides high-availability (HA) at the same time. High-efficiency translates into high ROI.

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